Butt and bowel diseases

irritable bowel syndrome

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and when does it occur?

How is irritable bowel syndrome treated?

What should I consider when it comes to hygiene and what helps against pain?

Due to the fact that irritable bowel syndrome is so diverse, there is unfortunately not just one remedy for the pain. However, it has been shown in many patients that capsules with peppermint oil can be soothing. This relaxes the muscles of the intestine, which has an antispasmodic and deflating effect. Some of these capsules lay like a film on the mucous membrane of the intestine so that it is protected from problematic substances. These agents are often resistant to gastric juice, so they only develop their effect in the intestine. Many of these products are available without a prescription and also contain extracts of chamomile or aloe vera, for example, which are perceived as relaxing. But not only pain therapy is important, but also hygiene. Because depending on how severe your symptoms are, frequent wiping with toilet paper can become a real problem. It is therefore advisable to use water for this as often as possible. For example with our buttock shower from HappyPo.