vaginal thrush

What is vaginal thrush?

How does a vaginal thrush occur and what can you pay attention to in terms of hygiene?

What should you know about the treatment and care of vaginal thrush?

As a rule, vaginal thrush is treated with an antifungal agent. This is an over-the-counter drug that is specifically designed to treat yeast and is applied in the form of a cream, for example. Sometimes ointments are also offered in combination with suppositories
. Usually, such infections clear up within a few days to weeks. If the fungus proves to be more stubborn, then it may be necessary to treat it internally with pills prescribed by your doctor. If you have vaginal thrush during pregnancy, you should definitely consult a doctor, as you are not allowed to use certain active ingredients in this case. This applies, for example, to antimycotics in tablet form. Your doctor will help you choose the right remedy. Don't forget: Because vaginal thrush is transmissible, your partner may also need to be treated.